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Tree Commission


In July of 2011 the Tree Commission hired Askren Municipal Forestry to perform a physical inventory of all the public trees in the Village. The inventory included information such as location, trunk diameter, relative health of the tree, and if any maintenance was needed. This information will enable us to create a comprehensive plan for planting new trees, training young trees, pruning mature trees, and removing dead or dying trees.

There are approximately 1100 public trees in Fairport and the results of the inventory (Species, number of trees, and percentage of all trees) are shown below:

Species # of trees % of trees
Silver Maple 374 33.88%
Crabapple 79 7.16%
Callery Pear 62 5.62%
Norway Maple 60 5.43%
Red Maple 58 5.25%
American Sycamore 57 5.16%
Honeylocust 53 4.80%
Hedge Maple 32 2.90%
Pin Oak 31 2.81%
Green Ash, Red Sunset Red Maple, 
Sugar Maple
20 each 1.81% each
Cockspur Hawthorn 17 1.54%
Little Leaf Linden 14 1.27%
Eastern Redbud 13 1.18%
Goldenrain Tree, Scotch Pine 12 each 1.09% each
Flowering Cherry, Northern Red Oak 10 each 0.91% each
Crimson King Norway Maple, American Plum, Sweetgum 9 each 0.82% each
Ohio Buckeye, Sunburst Honeylocust, 
Japanese Tree Lilac, American Linden
7 each 0.63% each
Birch, Hawthorn 6 each 0.54% each
Willow Oak, Colorado Blue Spruce 5 each 0.45% each
Greenspire Little Leaf Linden, Tulip Tree 4 each 0.36% each
Ash, river Birch, Black Locust, Elm, Horsechestnut, Magnolia, Paperbark Maple, English Oak, Cleveland Select Pear, Yellowood 3 each 0.27% each
White Ash, Dawn Redwood, Armstrong Maple, Red Mulberry, Rose-of-Sharon, Black Walnut 2 each 0.18% each
Arizona Ash, European Beech, Paper Birch, Weeping Birch, Northern Catalpa, Black Cherry, Black & Eastern Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood, American Elm, Ginkgo, Pignut Hickory, Silver Linden, Chinese & Saucer Magnolia, Black Maple, Full Moon Maple, Japanese Maple, (unk) Maple, White Oak, Peach, Colorado Spruce, White Spruce 1 each 0.09% each


Tree City USA

Fairport Harbor has been honored by being named as a "Tree City USA" for the 15th year by the Arbor Day Foundation. A community receives this honor by meeting or exceeding four standards established by the Arbor Day Foundation: 1) a Tree Commission or Board; 2) an ordinance for the management of the communities urban forest; 3) an Arbor Day observance and proclamation; and 4) spend at least $2 per capita on the communities urban forestry program. These standards were established to ensure that every qualifying community would have a viable tree management plan and program.

In addition, the Village has received the Tree City Growth Award. The Tree City USA Growth Award is given to communities that go beyond the four standards of Tree City USA and accumulate points from a list of projects that demonstrate improvement and growth of local tree care. Fairport received this award for the purchase of a tree management software package and the inventory and analysis of Fairport's public trees.