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Fairport Harbor Waterfront Advisory Board

220 Third Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077
(440) 352-3620

The Fairport Harbor Waterfront Advisory Board was created in 2015 by the Fairport Harbor Village Council and was given the authority to provide input to Council and the Administration on the use and/or development of the waterfront in the village.


The Board shall consist of five members.  The members of the Board shall be selected by the Mayor and the Board shall include two Members of Council, two members of the Fairport Harbor Port Authority and one other person selected by the Mayor. 

Anthony Bertone, President

Ben Armbruster
Director, Port Authority

David Burrier
Director, Port Authority

Jerry Hites. Secretary

Joseph Kaspar

Timothy Manross


Village of Fairport Harbor

220 Third Street    Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077
Phone: (440) 352-3620    Fax: (440) 352-8872

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Emergency Contact Info

Police Dept. Memorandum: When to call the police
For Emergencies and Power Outages: Dominion Gas First Energy

Police & Fire (Non-life-threatening emergencies): (440) 354-3434
Police Administrative: (440) 352-3620 ext. 3
Fire Administrative: (440) 352-3620 ext. 5

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