Fairport Harbor Overview

Fairport Harbor offers one of the most beautiful natural settings of any coastal community on the Great Lakes. This charming harbor town is perched on the bluffs above the mouth of the Grand River and overlooks two historic lighthouses and one of the finest public beaches in Ohio. Just 30 miles northeast of Cleveland, this special destination is an easy day trip or a great place to start an exploration of the eastern shore of Lake Erie.

Adding to its allure, this quaint and quiet village is an undiscovered treasure, mainly known by yachtsmen and fishermen seeking a protected gateway to the heart of Lake Erie. Photographers, painters and historians come to be inspired by the beauty and the diverse story of this working harbor town. Families from the region who have discovered Fairport’s safe, clean and fun-filled lakefront come to enjoy a classic day at the beach.

This historic landing place of the French explorer LaSalle has become a gateway destination for many who seek Lake Erie’s quiet pleasure of a sunny day on gentle sands, the adventure of a boat ride on open water, or an easy chair and a glass of wine from one of the Grand River Wine Regions’ many Lake County, Ohio vintners.

Fairport’s culture has been historically shaped by the demands of a working port. Great Lakes shipping still comes and goes regularly past the picturesque breakwater lighthouse, and the Finnish, Hungarian and Slovenian families who have given Fairport its welcoming European feel still celebrate their heritage in their way of life.

For those of you with a taste of discovery, Fairport Harbor may be the last great jewel left untarnished on the crown of Lake Erie’s best places.

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